Research & Development

A Breed Apart in Flavor Technology

Flavormatic continues to set itself apart with forward-thinking research technologies and up-to-the minute manufacturing advances in the flavoring industry.

A Strategic Partnership — With You

By optimizing its state-of-the-art laboratories to serve as collaborative "workshops," Flavormatic empowers customers to work directly with the most experienced product development teams in the business.

Leveraging the Tools for Success

We give you the tools to dominate your industry niche. Our expert scientific divisions and flavorist teams help you create unique flavors and flavor blends that give you the leading edge against your competition.

Our Technical Advantage

Because of our firm, long-standing relationships with raw materials suppliers across the globe, we can consistently acquire the highest quality flavoring ingredients and compounds.

Consistency, Creativity

This frees up our development and application labs to craft new systems and protocols for a variety of industries worldwide – while producing the most consistent flavoring products on the market.

The Flavormatic Edge

Our labs in Wappinger's Falls, New York are equipped to produce the highest quality, custom-designed products of any proportion, regardless of project scope, saving our customers valuable time and money:

The flavor systems developed in our labs have bred success for customers around the world.

Contact us to learn how a strategic partnership with Flavormatic can grow your business — and your bottom line.

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