Essential Oils and Specialty Blends

100% Consistency from Batch to Batch

Each container we ship is exactly the same. Whether you’ve ordered a five-gallon pail, a 55-gallon drum, or a truckload of essential oils for your commercial or industrial flavoring applications, our flavors will be 100% consistent from batch to batch.

A Worldwide Reputation For Citrus Fruit Essential Oils

Flavormatic's Essential Oil division has long been prosperous as a result of the company's early leadership in global raw materials acquisition – particularly in citrus fruit oils.

The Finest in Flavor Essences

The essences of every flavor and fragrance are the essential oils, aroma chemicals, and specialty chemicals used to manufacture them.

Because Flavormatic maintains long-established relationships and friendships with essential oil producers worldwide, we are able to guarantee the most dependable source of supply for high quality citrus oils, with a noticeably quick turnaround time.

Flavormatic's 23-acre campus near New York City is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing facilities fine-tuned to distill, express, and extract the purest essential oils for use in your most critical applications.

Product Spotlight: Citrus Oil Blends

Our dedicated flavorists will work with you to develop proprietary essential oil extract blends, and your confidential formulations will remain 100% secure.

We offer a range of citrus oils and citrus oil by-products, including:

  • Lemon oils
  • Lime oils
  • Orange oils
  • Lemon terpenes
  • Lemon oil washed products
  • Distilled lime oils
  • Lime terpenes
  • And more!

Custom Citrus Blend Extracts

If you require a special top-note in what you're developing, please let us know and our flavor chemists can blend the oils for you, whether it's a lemon oil-lime oil extract blend, or a more multi-layered, customized blend.

Contact us for a confidential consultation regarding your flavoring needs, from commercial-level aromatherapy products to beverages and beyond:

Phone: 845.297.9100 or 877-9FLAVOR

Email here.

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