Juice Blends and Cloud Emulsions

Instinct, Flair, Expertise

Our flavor development team is hand picked from the industry’s sharpest, most creative scientific minds. While we specialize in custom work, we also offer a wide range of complete drink bases containing 0-100% juice, all formulated and manufactured in our 23-acre, state-of-the-art facility.

Competitive Pricing

The right flavored juice blend can mean everything to your revenue cycle, and we have crafted our operations specifically to address the exacting, custom flavor formulations required to set your brand apart — for less

Consistency, Reliability, Quick Delivery

Flavormatic is well known within the global beverage industry for exceeding client expectations.

Customers ordering containers of custom-blended essential citrus oils, for example, know that each batch will be 100% consistent with the last, and that they will enjoy a quick turnaround time.

We employ “good manufacturing processes” (GMP), and we observe stringent internal quality guidelines regarding the production and storage of our flavored juice blends — and yours.

Process Spotlight: Juice Blends

Because we oversee each leg of the production process, we are capable of combining your custom color, cloud, juice concentrate and flavor into one ready-to-use container.

This reduces your need to carry large inventories – and helps you avoid costly production errors down the line.

Cloud Emulsions and Colors

For simplicity without mess, consider a Flavormatic cloud emulsion or color solution preserved in water. We utilize a high shear/homogenization process to combine cloud emulsions with color and flavor.

In addition to our standard cloud emulsions and color solutions, we supply flavored cloud emulsions for a wide variety of beverage applications, as well as customized color solutions.

Specialty Clouds

Additionally, we offer "Specialty Clouds," developed in our labs to help beverage manufacturers add a stable cloud to their current application.

Flavormatic can simplify your manufacturing process and eliminate the cross-contamination that might otherwise affect your bottom line. Contact us to discuss how we can simplify your production process:

Phone: 845.297.9100 or 877-9FLAVOR

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