The History of Flavormatic

Global Supply-Chain Dominance
For Close to Half a Century

During the U.S. technology boom of the 1960s, Flavormatic became an industry leader in flavor and fragrance raw materials supply — building lasting, long-term business relationships with international raw materials suppliers.

Today, these time-honored connections continue to set the company apart from the competition, especially in the essential citrus oils market.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Maximizing its market share, the company expanded its reach to include research, development, and manufacture of a wide variety of flavorings and complex flavoring systems.

Now a multinational corporation with ultra-modern manufacturing facilities and an edge in the raw materials market, Flavormatic maintains a leading position as a worldwide developer, producer and supplier of essential oils, powdered and liquid flavors, flavored juice blends, cloud emulsions, color solutions, beverage & coffee flavors, flavored alcohols, and more.

Made in the U.S.A.

An industry leader since the early 1960’s, Flavormatic is a U.S.-based company that ships its flavoring products to commercial and industrial customers worldwide.

Dedicated to manufacturing in America, the company has expanded its operations over the decades and garnered a reputation for consistent, high-quality flavoring products, especially in essential citrus oils, flavored juice blends and beverages, as well as alcohol flavors and coffee flavors.

Our Niche: Custom Flavor Development

Flavormatic’s highly trained technical staff works closely with each of our clients to develop, manufacture, and market customized flavorings — for everything from coffees and alcohols to sports drinks and new age beverages.

We also maintain an extensive, confidential library of flavor and color formulations from which to choose.

Contact Us

Our current 23-acre manufacturing facility, located adjacent to our corporate headquarters in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, is supported by sales offices and agents in the United Kingdom, France, Puerto Rico, Japan, and Canada.

Contact us to inquire how we can help you get the edge on your competition:

Phone: 845.297.9100 or 877-9FLAVOR

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