Fresher Flavors, Flawless Service

What sets Flavormatic apart? Our flavor experts are service champions, and all of our products are 'Made in the U.S.A'. The highly secure labs and manufacturing facilities at Flavormatic are state-of-the-art, serving some of the biggest name brands globally for over 40 years.

Custom formulations are our specialty, and security is airtight: your essential oil blends, extracts, powdered and liquid flavors, flavored juice blends, cloud emulsions, color solutions, flavored alcohols & cordials, and complex drink bases are safeguarded in the highest confidence, and uniformity is assured from batch to batch.

Flavormatic is the flavoring industry leader in custom product development, with flavor application specialists dedicated to flavored alcohols, coffee flavors, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, sports drinks, new age beverages, bag-in-box beverages, baked goods, confections, desserts and pharmaceuticals.

“Not all flavoring companies can do alcohol flavors, especially not of this quality. Flavormatic always exceeds my expectations, which is why we keep coming back.”

- Director of Research & Development
Major market liquor brand with international distribution

"The service and pricing here are very friendly, and the flavors are tremendous. Working with Flavormatic ensures that we’re not just the ‘Average Joe’ in the coffee industry."

- Roastmaster
Multinational coffee roasting company with nationwide distribution

"Flavormatic consistently ranks in the top tier of all flavor samples tested against competitors."

- Chocolatier
A leading global candy brand, among top 5 chocolate companies in the U.S.

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